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Our Organizations Benefit The Enterprise And The Practitioner.

In this era of Enterprise change, the need to link sound corporate strategy and information strategy has never been greater. Technical strategies alone are not capable of ensuring alignment and providing business value. To benefit from the information resources that are key to your organization growth, it is essential to have an Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture aligned with your Business Strategy, that aligns with your Business Goals, and is capable of effectively addressing and managing risk. Our Certified Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture professionals can help ensure your enterprise’s success. Organizations employing or contracting EACOE Certified Enterprise Architects and BACOE Certified Business Architects understand the need for professionals who have credentials that are known and respected around the world.

Our Certified Enterprise Architects and Business Architects have the proven ability to perform Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture activities with globally accepted standards and guidelines to ensure that the enterprise’s information technology and business systems are aligned with Business Goals, are capable of change in continually changing business and technology climates, can reuse enterprise systems assets, and are cost effective. Enterprises are in search of practitioners that are up to date with current proven practical practices and are committed to their profession. EACOE Enterprise Architect Certification and BACOE Business Architect Certification are these practitioners, and these professionals maintain skills that are an imperative in today’s competitive environment.

EACOE Certified Enterprise Architects and BACOE Certified Business Architects have committed to maintaining skills, following a professional path that continually allows for skills enhancement and demonstration, knowledge gain, professional development, and are distinguished from other Enterprise Architects or Business Architects. Our Enterprise Architects and Business Architects with advanced certifications have demonstrated Enterprise skills, attended a rigorous education and training course, continue to demonstrate skills by periodic recertification, and have a desire to be leaders in their profession.

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    This is the guest site for the EACOE Enterprise Architecture course. This is to be used as a preview for the full course. 

    Registration as a guest is required. Guests can look around to see if the course is the right fit before enrolling. 

    If you'd like to gain access to our preview course, please register at: www.EACOE.org/samplecourseregistration

    This is the link to full Enterprise Architecture Certification Course. If you'd like to register for the course, please visit: https://www.EACOE.org/fullcourseregistration

    The EACOE provides a recognized practitioning standard for Enterprise Architects. As you review the workshop outline, you will see the most comprehensive and complete body of knowledge in the profession. Certification through EACOE will provide you with a referenceable standard and is the benchmark for the Enterprise Architecture practitioning profession. You will be recognized for your achievements—now and in the future.

    Certifying against a defined body of knowledge is crucial to advance the profession. All professional disciplines begin with a body of knowledge as a reference point. The EACOE Enterprise Architecture Certification process follows this professional discipline. Without this body of knowledge, the results of the Enterprise Architecture will be inconsistent and difficult to verify. As an example, chemistry was alchemy until Mendeleev defined the chemical periodic table of elements. Once the periodic table of the elements was defined, a “body of knowledge” resulted. From this body of knowledge, alchemy could be transformed to chemistry and chemical engineering. The chemical engineering profession then flourished. Numerous parallels in other disciplines can be shown with similar outcomes.

    FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION, please visit: https://www.EACOE.org/fullcourseregistration

    The BACOE has dedicated its resources to developing a comprehensive body of knowledge for implementing architecture and model-driven business and technology planning, business process management and engineering and application development.

    These proprietary techniques and procedures have set the standards for best practices and are used worldwide, with over 3,500 companies and 125,000 professionals educated and trained using this methodology.

    BACOE Business Architect Certification produces the professionals that businesses are looking for, ones who are adept in current best practices in carrying out business architecture as a strategy and are committed to their profession. BACOE professionals have the skills that are essential in today’s competitive environment.

    To register for the course, visit:  https://www.bacoe.org/selfpacedregistration